Heintzman Townwatch and Civic Assn
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Heitzman Rec Center

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Who we are

The Heintzman Townwatch and Civic Association is a group of neighbors who are trying to solve the problems of a small corner of Port Richmond.Our area is bordered by Aramingo avenue to the east,Frankford avenue to the west.Westmoreland Street to the south and Castor Avenue to the north. Our townwatch patrols both on foot and by automobile on most weekends in an effort to keep our neighborhood safe. We would like to both invite all neighbors to attend our meetings at the Heintzman Recreation center at 7:00 PM on the last Wednesday of each month.Won't you join us in our efforts to protect and preserve our community?

Quienes Somos
El grupo ciudad vigilante Heintzman y la Asociacion Civica son un grupo de vecinos que trabajan,para resolver los problemas en las esquinas entre otros lugares del Port Richmond.Los limites de patrullaje son los siguientes.Avenida Aramingo al este,Avenida Frankford el oeste,Avenida Castor al norte y Calle Westmoreland al sur. Nuestro grupo vigilantes de la ciudad Heintzman,hace sus recorridos de patrullaje caminando y en automobil todos los fines de semara en un esfuezo para mantener Nuestros vecindarios seguros. Queremos hacer una invitacion a todos a participaren nuestra reunion el ultimo Miercoles de cada mes a las 7 PM.
Lugar:Centro de Recreacion Heintzman Calle Amber y Pickwick
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