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Who You Gonna Call?

Abandoned Car 215-686-3000
Abandoned/Dangerous Building 215-686-2463
Alley Light Broken or out 215-686-5516
Anti Graffiti 215-686-3622
Arson Activity 215-592-5964
Auto Repair on Public Street 215-686-2463
Belligerant Homeless Person..911
Block Clean Up..215-685-3969
Bus Shelter Dangerous..215-568-5517
Dead Animal in Abandoned Building..215-686-2463
Dead Animal in house..215-686-5560
Dog Droppings..215-686-3082
Drug Dealing in the Open..911
Dumpster Overflowing..215-686-3082
Fire Hydrant Open..215-685-6300
Firetrap,Public Building..215-686-2463
Flooded Intersection..215-685-6300
Foul Odor..215-823-7583
Gas Leak..215-235-1212
Hazardous Sidewalk..215-686-5508
Leaflets on Door or Windshield..215-686-3082
Licenses and Inspections Complaints 215-686-3622
Loud Noise..215-823-7583
Mailbox Damage..215-895-8331
Manhole Cover Missing (Phone Co)..611
Manhole Cover Missing (PECO)..215-841-4141
Manhole Cover Missing (PGW)..215-235-2050
Niusance Bar..215-560-4111
Pay Phone Broken..611
Pay Phone used by drug dealers..1-800-572-1442
Snow or Ice on/in Road 215-686-5508
Street Signs Broken or Missing 215-686-5530
Street Collapsed 215-685-6300
Street Light Broken 215-685-9194
Traffic Light Broken 215-686-5560
Trash Strewn Lot 215-686-2463
Tree Limbs Contacting Electrical Wire 215-841-4141
Uncollected Recyclables or Trash 215-686-5560
Unshoveled Sidewalk 215-686-3082